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THÉROS | Θέρος

Eau de Parfum Concentrée | for Men & Women | 160 Limited Edition

Theme: Summer
Subtitle: Sun, Untitled Love, The Island
The real phase of the surreal: Feelings that need no words

It's a perfume to wear for a special evening. Dark yet positive, enigmatic yet desirable, passion with reserve, an intimate Summer to memorize.
Dark, Vibrant, Theatrical

Composition Highlights: Sun-heated Sand, Kisses, Kyara Agarwood

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  • YS10189
  • Eau de Parfum Concentrée
“When the summer sun heats up your skin, When the memory of tender kisses remains savage,... more
Product information "THÉROS"

“When the summer sun heats up your skin,
When the memory of tender kisses remains savage,
When your poem cannot be understood,
When your love drives you to be another yourself,
When your passion takes you to unknown islands, 
When the hot sand and sea water become a piece of art, 
When the philosopher meets the alchemist, 
When a potion of antiquity leads to avant-garde sensations...”

Theros is composed based on a large dose of genuine Oud oil from Vietnam and Laos. Yet, it is not the sort of Oud notes you have experienced from the main stream creations. The smell of Sun-heated sand, the tender skin under the sun, the sea and the sky. The natural Oud, especially Kyara, has its beautiful velvety and delicate side, which is the main concept of using this precious oil in Theros.

Eau de Parfum Concentrée comes in a flacon hand-decorated with pure silver stain that was produced by a guild, according to an 800 years old recipe, which is the authentic method used for cathedral stained glass.

The interpretation of Summer and Hot Sand is represented in every part you see, you touch, you smell and you hear.
To recall these sensations, we made the hand-painted cap and the hand-painted label remind the hot sand. The flacon itself is contained in a mock burnt charcoal with faintly brushed gold stripes, a symbol of heat, burn and sun is the thought behind this design.
37 suppliers, coming from 12 different countries have worked on this project, and a total of 257 different steps were necessary to finish this perfume.
This perfume is not filtered to allow the entire spectrum of the rare oud and natural oils to shine and further develop their identity.

Sun-heated Sand, Smell of wet skin out of sea
Overheated Air, Burning stone, Sea salt
Hot Chocolate, Kisses, Aftertaste of Lipstick
Vietnamese Agarwood, Patchouli,
Amber, Ambrette Seeds, True Ambergris

Eau de Parfum Concentrée | Available in 50ml

Olfactive Family: Amber, Oud, Woody
Scent Emotion: Black Tie Event, Melancholic, Mysterious, Night Club, Opulent, Seductive, Unique
Natural Extract Content: Super Concentrate
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